Fascism Study Guide Co-Work Session and Discussion

Fascism Study Guide (a collaborative index)

Because freedom isn’t free:
It’s important to understand what our rights are, what a democracy is, but how will you recognize the opposite? It is necessary to fight FOR liberties and AGAINST authoritarianism.
Fascism is a system of government marked by a centralized authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy under strict government control, violent suppression of opposition, and policies of nationalism and racism (paraphrased from the free online dictionary).
Throughout the day, participants are invited to add bibliographic materials and links to the guide. At 11 a.m. EST, J. Wren Supak, a founder of the guide, will host a google hangout to discuss the guide and the questions that emerge from it.
This is a discussion of the open sourced, common contribution study guide of materials about “fascism;” how to find the guide, how to contribute to it, what’s on it, what the Fascism Study Collective is, and a discussion of some of the material.

PDF leaflets are also available here that proclaim: “Freedom isn’t Free” (a collaboration) on the front and give a link to the study guide on the back. Anyone is welcome to change them, print them, post them, forward them, etc.

This is the anonymous email account for people to send questions, thoughts, witness, etc. fascismstudyguide@gmail.com

RSVP to the hangout to receive the link in advance, and the link to the hangout will be posted at 11 a.m. on this page.


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