The California Mission Project

The California Mission Project

An original poster and visual study by Judith Walgren

The California Mission Project is a visual study of the 21 California Missions built by Spanish Catholic colonialists between 1769 and 1833. The archival content enshrined within these locations imparts an inaccurate and incomplete historic narrative about Native American populations which were enslaved by the Spanish colonialists. These people were forced by their captors to build and maintain the missions and then to become “Christians.” Those who refused were either tortured or murdered. Every fourth grade student attending a California public school is required to produce a project on one of these missions, yet there is no set curricula on the subject. More times than not – the fact that Native Americans were brutalized, enslaved and/or murdered to create this system is omitted from the classroom. My work centers on the collaborative production of an alternative visual narrative on the California Mission System that can articulate a more accurate account of what happened during those 100 years.

The poster will be released here at 11 p.m. EST.

The visual study PDF is available here.

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