Shredder Bot Hive (Human Beta Test)
A 24-hour online performance/act of resistance.
Human beta test for a non-human bot.
Clara Balaguer
Over the course of a day, human-run Twitter bot hive (farm) will be created to drown out fascist, hate speech-laden political hashtags. They will tweet and re-tweet a work document included in the 24 Hour Social Studies program: Fascism Study Guide. 
This is a beta test for a future automated bot which shall tweet entire books, essays and other reading ephemera to inform an anti-fascist perspective. This way, we would assumedly be fighting ignorance with knowledge, or nonsense with sense. But seen through the looking glass, perhaps we’d only be fighting nonsense with more nonsense, as the digital storm would be in some ways unintelligible. Either because the alt-right would see these texts as rubbish, nonsense. Or because the fragmentation of longer texts into shredded formats would render them illegible. Or because the cloud of disinformation is already bloated beyond repair. Still, the act–should it ever reach its intended scale–would serve to disrupt a linear, chronological discourse of intolerance.
As an undercover and above ground troll, in various online incarnations over the past eight months, I have often challenged, entreated, scoffed (because trolls can and do scoff when they get frustrated) at other trolls to “read a damn book once in a while.” The Shredder is a public service tailored to the needs of the echo chamber. It puts non-homophilous reading material conveniently within reach. 
–White Hat Troll–


The progress of running the bot farm will be logged on the Twitter account:

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